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Author :Chapes-JPL

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Chapes-JPL has been providing low interest loans to personal and
business owners within the  Indian community for over 30 years. We know
the value of Indian gold, and we agree, you should never sell such

Chapes-JPL has been buying gold and jewelry, as well as providing collateral loan
services in the Atlanta area, for over thirty years.  And in that time
Chapes-JPL has become the premiere lender to the peoples of India here
in the United States and abroad.  Like the Indian community, we
understand the value of gold, and its significance as an invaluable

Gold and Jewelry from India

understand that in India's culture, prosperity can be based on the
amount of gold a person has in their possession.  As is the tradition to
provide financial security prior to her wedding, an Indian mother
prides herself on the sum of gold she is able to supply for her daughter
before marrying. In addition a Mother-in-law will also provide gifts of
gold to her daughter-in-law either during, or prior to the marriage

Gifts may include wedding jewelry, gold bars, Indian gold coins, gold bracelets, or other gold molds
Therefore, gold from both sides are passed down from generation to
generation within each family.  Further increasing the gold's value and
sentiment carried forward. Not only symbolizing the bride's existing financial status during the ceremony, but will also as it indicates future prosperity.

We understand that gold from India (and any other part of the world) is a strong and valuable asset. And unlike a typical gold pawn shop we
truly are here to provide low interest short term loans so that you can
get the money you need now, and your collateral back quickly. For your
discretion, we meet with each client privately at one of our upscale

Chapes-JPL is unlike traditional pawnshops in Atlanta.  Our business is to provide quick and discreet loans for individuals and businesses just like you.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling 404-504-7021.



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