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Historical Event on 5/21/1994

The Union Government imposes blanket ban on capitation fee for admission to private professional colleges.

Other Historical Dates and Events
11/25/1977John Lobo became the Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (till 30/06/79).
1/5/1955Kumari Mamata Promileswar Banerjee was born in Calcutta (West Bengal).
7/13/1957Behram Navrosji Karanjia, leading merchant and director of various companies, passed away.
7/13/1957Firuz Shah Tughluq(1351-88), nephew of Muhammad Tughluq, succeded as emperor of Delhi.
2/12/1794Alijabahadar Mahadaji Shinde passed away.
4/4/1910Sri Aurobindo left politics and reached Pondicherry, where he made the seat of Yoga.
10/13/1781A treaty was singed between the Britishers and ruler of Gwalior, Scindia.
12/23/1845Rasbhihari Ghosh, famous patriot and law expert, was born.
12/22/1998The Patents Bill gets Rajya Sabha approval.
5/17/1992R. Venkataraman, President, leaves for a six-day visit to China.