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Italians flown back from China released from quarantine
MP govt withdraws vasectomy circular
'Revenge porn' not limited to vengeance, rising rapidly
People in casual relationships more likely to use condoms
Fat around arteries may be good for health
Sale of Tibetan pill used to prevent infectious diseases stopped
Polish children biggest consumers of sugar in Europe
MIT scientists use AI model to identify powerful new antibiotic
Kolkata Doctor slapped by relative of dead woman patient
Drink tart cherry juice to improve exercise performance
Using daily moisturisers cannot prevent eczema in babies
Why parents should worry about girls' perfect selfies
Birds can learn to make food choices by watching videos
Higher fruits intake linked to fewer menopausal symptoms
Want to lose weight? Have big breakfast, light dinner
Bangladesh begins 1st nationwide anti-cholera drive
Medicover Global opens 250-bed hospital in Andhra Pradesh
Maharashtra to give free spectacles to schoolkids
Winter may be best time of year to conceive
Moderate intensity exercise can boost memory performance
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