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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Sheikh Mirza, chieftain of a small state of Ferghana, was born in Turkmenistan.
2/24/1674 Prataprao Gujar, a great Maratha warrior at the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, died.
2/24/1786 Charles Cornwallis appointed Governor-General of India.
2/24/1867 Kedarnath Das, geat physiologist, was born.
2/24/1880 Satyanarayan, great poet of Kannada language, was born.
2/24/1899 Maheshchandra Burjorjee Bilimoria, film distributor, was born.
2/24/1922 Kanwar Rai Singh, cricketer (batted at MCG Test for India 1948), was born in Darkati, Punjab.
2/24/1924 Mahatma Gandhi released from jail.
2/24/1936 Laxmibai Tilak, famous marathi poet, passed away.
2/24/1946 Mrs. Kashibai and Mrs. Babbai Lakshman, freedom fighters, were shot dead by the police.
2/24/1948 The State of Junagarh, whose accession to India was protested by Pakistan in the UN Security Council, voted in favour of India in a popular referendum held on 20 February.
2/24/1950 G.J.M.Gazdar, computational linguist, was born.
2/24/1957 General Election ( 2nd) of India begins.
2/24/1961 Government of Madras province was renamed as Tamil Nadu.
2/24/1986 Rukmini Devi passed away.
2/24/1988 Prithvi, India's first Indigenously designed surface-to-surface tactical missile of 250km, was successfully test fired from Sriharikota. India becomes the fifth country to develop such a missile.
2/24/1994 Sharp increase in freight rates in the 1994-95 Railway budget; Pre-budget Economic Survey puts GDP growth in 1993-94 at 3.8\%.
2/24/1995 25 jawans die in an explosion in Brahmaputra Mail near Nilalong station about 200 km from Guwahati.
2/24/1995 A full Bench comprising Chief Justice M.M. Pareed Pillai, TV Ramakrishna and P. Shanmugam of the Kerala High Court quashed the words ""incestuous adultery"", ""adultery coupled with cruelty"" and ""adultery coupled with desertion"" contained in Section 10 of Indian (Christian) Divorce Act.
2/24/1995 Rishang Keishing (Cong-I) sworn in as the 15th CM of Manipur.
2/24/1996 Naresh Chandra appointed India's ambassador to USA.
2/24/1996 S. Korean President Kim Young Sam visits India.
2/24/1997 Charles Shobhaj, the notorious murder suspect, to be deported to France after 20 years in Tihar jail.
2/24/2000 The Subrahmanyam Committee report tabled in the Lok Sabha. The panel concluded that the Pakistan intrusion in Kargil took the Indian security establishment by surprise.


Other Historical Dates and Events
1/6/1942Four of the flight's six aircraft were promptly lost to Japanese bombing and No. 4 Flight gave place in Moulmein to No. 3 Flight which had meanwhile re-equipped with four ex-RAF Blenheim ls. B-314 completed first commercial flight around the world.
9/24/1936It was reported that in the past two weeks over 2 million of India's depressed classes had renounced Hinduism in favor of Christianity.
8/26/1947Nawab of Bhopal announced accession of the Bhopal state to the Indian Dominion.
1/3/1912Shantiprasad Jain, famous industrialist, was born.
3/12/1988Samresh Basu, famous Bengali writer, passed away.
2/3/1929The ""Times of India Illustrated Weekly"" was renamed as ""The Illustrated Weekly of India"".
10/27/1982Gandhiji's personal secretary Pyare Lal died.
12/29/1927Hakim Ajmal Khan, freedom fighter, litterateur and a true patriot, died.
6/20/1858Gwalior fort was captured by British troops and the first Indian Sepoy Mutiny officially came to an end.
12/27/1975A coal-mine was exploded at Chasnala mine near Dhanbad. It was India's worst coal mine disaster.