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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
6/19/1747 Nadirshaha passed away.
6/19/1871 Madhavrao Sapre was born.
6/19/1877 Pandurang Chimanaji Patil, famous agriculturist of Maharashtra, was born.
6/19/1901 Raj Chandra Bose, Indian mathematician and statistician, was born at Hosangabad in Madhya Pradesh. He made many valuable contributions to the subject. He discovered new codes for telecommunication. In 1976, America's highest honour to a scientist came to Bose as he was elected Fellow of the US Academy of Sciences.
6/19/1931 Nandini Satpathy, politician, was born at Cuttack in Orissa.
6/19/1947 Salman Rushdie, English writer, was born in Bombay.
6/19/1949 People of Chandernagar, the French Indian Settlement, decided to merge with the Indian Union.
6/19/1966 Shiv Sena was established.
6/19/1979 Morarji Desai resigns after split in Janata Party.
6/19/1981 APPLE, India's first experimental geo-stationary telecommunication satellite having experimental communication satellite, successfully launched by European Ariane, Kourou, French Guiana. This is the first to be stabilized on 3 axes.
6/19/1990 NDC approves approach paper to the Eighth Plan.
6/19/1990 13 Sri Lankan Tamils, including EPRLF Secretary General Padmanabha, were shot dead in Madras reportedly by LTTE men.
6/19/1991 Sudhakar Rao Naik (Cong-I) sworn in as the Maharashtra CM.
6/19/1995 In an unprecedented move, UP Speaker Dhani Ram Verma adjourns the two-day special session called to prove Mayavati Government's majority in the House. Later, the House gathers, rejects the sine die adjournment and unanimously elects B.R. Verma (BSP) as new presiding officer to conduct the business of the House.
6/19/1995 India and US officially launch Indo-US Commercial Alliance during US Trade Secretary's visit.
6/19/1996 Kerala LDF govt. decides to reopen the ISRO espionage case, which was closed by the CBI.
6/19/1997 Indian flag cargo ship, M. V. Arcadia Pride, sinks in inclement weather, seven nautical miles off Colaba, Mumbai, leaving four sailors dead and 20 missing. In the rescue and search operation by the Indian Navy, nine persons were rescued.
6/19/1997 Indian Prime Minister and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, spoke for first time on restored hotline, to reiterate their committment to comprehensive dialogue, including Kashmir.
6/19/1999 The ''people's bus'' from Calcutta rolls into Dhaka and is formally received by the Prime Minister and his Bangladesh counterpart.
6/19/2000 Babu Parmanand, former speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, sworn in as the 12th Governor of Haryana.
6/19/2000 Salgocar wins the Pondicherry Millennium All India Football tournament in Pondicherry.


Other Historical Dates and Events
7/29/1997Rabri Devi inducts 60 ministers, including 22 of cabinet rank, thus raising strength of her Council of Ministers to 74.
9/5/1872V. O. Chidambaram Pillai, great freeom fighter, social reformer, prolific writer, politician and leader, was born at Ottapidaram village in Tamil Nadu.
10/12/1991Sonia Gandhi declineed to contest from Amethi.
4/6/1993Divya Bharati, famous Hindi film actress (Deewana), died at the age of 19.
10/4/1997J & K Assembly passed the Ladakh Hill Council Bill.
6/24/1991The first-ever BJP ministry led by Kalyan Singh takes over in UP.
12/11/1999Gopalakrishna Gandhi, former High Commissioner to South Africa, is conferred the honorary doctorate by the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.
6/1/1790A treaty was signed between Marathas, Britishers and Nizam.
5/29/1906Terence Hanbury White, novelist (England Have My Bones), was born in Bombay.
9/20/1932Gandhiji commences ""fast unto death"" (hunger strike) in Poona prison to secure abolition of separate electorates for Harijans and untouchables.