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Why Vidya Malvade says she felt she would become 6 feet tall by end of 'Ruslaan' shoot

Author : IANS

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Mumbai, April 17 (IANS) Actress Vidya Malvade, who will be soon seen in the upcoming film ‘Ruslaan’, which stars Aayush Sharma in the lead, has said that she developed a very good camaraderie with Aayush and the film’s director Karan L Butani.

Both Aayush and Karan used to pull her leg during the shoot breaks which made her feel like she will become 6 feet tall by the end of shoot.

Sharing her experience of working with Karan, the actress told IANS: “Karan is a dream to work with, his directions are precise, he knows what he wants and I think I found an incredible comfort level with him. So I feel when there’s a synergy and give and take of ideas without judgement within the people one is working with, It's so much easier to clear any doubts or come up with ideas & out of the box solutions.. I didn't have to think twice about telling him what I felt about , or what I wanted to do in a particular scene, with the character that I am playing and he's willing to listen. I really enjoyed working with him.”

Talking about her camaraderie with Aayush and Karan, she said: “Aayush & karan together are quite the riot and both of them just kept pulling my leg through the shoot ..I thought I’d probably become 6 feet tall by the end of this film (laughs). But I think there was this fantastic camaraderie between all three of us. I shot a lot with Ayush. So even if there was a lot of banter on set and it was always fun & in good humour & respect.”

The actress called the film “a complete package” with songs, action, romance, emotion and comedy.

Talking about the impact of commercial films and how they help the audience cope up from stress, she said: “I feel that life is busy, life is stressful so you come into the cinema hall and have a little bit of fun. You sing along, you dance along, you see cool stunts/action, get swayed by emotions & go back home feeling full & hopefully happy. This one’s not like, ‘Oh my god, we’re gonna leave you with such a big message that it will change your life’. No, it's a film that’s supposed to entertain you and it will.”

Produced by Sri Sathya Sai Arts, and directed by Karan L Butani, the film is set to release on April 26.



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